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Stitching Anatomy - Heart, Stomach & More in Hand Embroidery

When I began seriously exploring hand embroidery stitching back in 2011, I did a series of anatomical pieces, the first of which was a heart.

a hand holding a small embroiery stitched anatomical heart
Hand Embroidery Anantomical Heart

I believe it started when I made a traditional heart brooch covered in french knots.

a hand holds a pink heart covered in hand embroidery french knots in shades of pink
French Knot Heart

This gave me the idea of creating an anatomical heart and the idea took off from there.

a hand holding a embroidery stitched anatomical stomach with broccoli, carrots and peas inside of it
Hand Stitched Vegetarian Stomach with Broccoli, Carrot & Peas

I made a stomach full of cute hand embroidery vegetables including broccoli, a carrot and peas.

a hand holds a fabric stitched anatomical lung in red and pink
Healthy Lung Hand Stitched on Felt

A pink and red lung with many healthy happy bronchus.

a hand holds an embroidered stomach with a pink cupcake inside
Cupcake in Stomach Hand Stitched & Beaded on Felt

And very fun to stitch was a happy stomach with a cupcake inside. It was so interesting learning how to create the beaded edging too.

a hand embroidery seagull resting on a book page
Seagull Wading Hand Stitched Bird

I eventually found my way back to birds - I stitched this hand embroidery seagull shortly after - but this anatomical detour was a wonderful learning experience.

The take away? Stitch what's on your mind, what challenges you, or what makes you happy. It's just a bit of fabric and embroidery floss - so give your fancy a go!

Happy Stitching! ~Jo


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